Obstetrics services include pre-pregnancy counselling, individualised antenatal care, management of pregnancy complications that may arise, obstetrical care for labour and birth, management of delivery and any associated complications, and postpartum care.

Dr. Stephen Bradford provides a full range of gynaecology and women’s health care services through his Hobart OBGYN obstetric office. Hobart OBGYN is equipped with state-of-the art medical technology that allows him to perform quick, accurate, and efficient testing and provides only the highest quality of women’s health care services. The obstetric ultrasound facilities offer full data, as well as growth scans. In addition, the team can provide miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy management services, both medical and surgical.

Stephen is able to assist you with any fertility-related problems and concerns by offering pre-pregnancy consulting, investigation of infertility and a complete ovulation induction through individualised antenatal care.

He monitors and manages high risk pregnancies, including those with pre-existing medical conditions, diabetes, hypertension, IVF and multiple pregnancies, and advanced maternal age, as well as pregnancy complications and more. Stephen also offers cervical cerclage and External Cephalic Version (ECV).

To make sure your pregnancy goes as smoothly as possible, Stephen will provide you with the best obstetric care for labor and birth and manage any potential delivery complications to vaginal birth. Stephen also provides postpartum care and post-birth discussion to help you ease into the life of motherhood.

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