​​What We Do at HOBART OBGYN​​

Most individuals have decided which obstetrician they would like to manage their pregnancy prior to falling pregnant. If you have chosen an Obstetrician at Hobart OBGYN as your preferred practice for ante and postnatal care it is important to have a general idea of what you can expect from us.

Your first appointment with your Obstetrician will be more lengthy to enable all parties to gain an understanding of any relevant medical, obstetric and gynaecological history.  The doctor will perform an ultrasound at each visit. This appointment will also help the patient and the doctor make initial plans for antenatal care and the future delivery of your baby. Additionally, at each appointment you will be seen by one of our team of friendly midwives.   It is likely that you may require further blood tests at this point to check things like your haemoglobin and iron levels.

Your appointments will be approximately every four weeks and then more frequently towards the end of your pregnancy.

It is important to book into either Calvary Health Care Maternity and Women’s Health Unit or Hobart Private Hospital’s Maternity Unit as soon as possible.

At various times throughout your pregnancy you will be asked to have additional diagnostic screening tools. These include a Nuchal Translucency Scan (11-13+6) weeks, an Anomaly Scan (18-21 weeks) and a Glucose Tolerance Test (26-28weeks). These tests will be explained further in future articles.

It is important to understand that your Obstetrician will try to be there for as many visits as possible, however, there may be times when you will see one of the other Hobart OBGYN team members. The practice provides a 24 hour, 7 day a week service so that there is always an experienced Obstetrician ready to handle any questions or situations that may arise.